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Baraat Weddings

Ponies R Us offers wedding services for Baraat/Bharat ceremonies or any white horse for any occasion you have in mind!

Our family has been providing decorated Baraat horses for over 30 years!

We have proudly continued over the last few years, servicing and exceeding expectations for the late Jim Flett also known to many as & “Jimmy & his wife Marylyn” of Wild West Productions!

We have several costume prints to choose from for our horses… theĀ “Lotus”, “Peacock”, & “Elephant print”, all being the traditional gold and red and imported from India! We have a full size peacock print, the only one in Ontario, our new Pearl Costume (pink and gold accents) We have a total of 5 to choose from.Should you wish for any other request in regards to colors, added flowers or pieces. We will be sure to fulfill your request and make it happen!

Please follow up for our newest costumes arriving/completed early in 2018!

Our horses are accustomed to ANY type of music, Dhol/Dholi drummers, Marching bands, Tassa Band’s & and any sort of Live music as well as the very busy dancing crowd throughout the ceremony of course!

Need help booking your Dhol drummer & Live music? Wedding Planner? Photography?

We can help and make it that much easier for your family! We also offer a COMPLIMENTARY lesson and trial ride for the groom, prior to the ceremony to ensure his comfort and confidence for the day of your event! We welcome the entire family to our home office location to view our horses, costumes and past Baraat ceremony videos/pictures in person.

We are glad to be a part of the entire booking process with all the help needed, Ponies R Us can guarantee booking the ceremony horse will be the easiest added touch to your ceremony! We thank you in advance for your interest in working with our family, Congratulations

Ponies R US is booking far in advance for 2018 and 2019! Don’t wait!